Putting the overpopulation set’s money where their mouths are

Putting the overpopulation set’s money where their mouths are

The inimitable Dale Price boils down the argument of another overpopulation nut, asking him to put his, well, pride, where his mouth is and lay it all on the line. In his satire, Dale responds to Steven Kotler’s call for a five-year moratorium on having children.

I suggest that a five year moratorium is nowhere near enough. Instead, thoughtful, responsible men like ourselves need to lead the way and have our testicles surgically removed.

Radical? I think not. Given the Mathusian nightmare our world is facing, it is the only responsible choice. Also, the drop in testosterone will do wonders for reducing wars, violence and the prevalence of professional sports.

I’ll go you one better, Dale: I think all these overpopulation nuts should lead the way in depopulation and put a slug of lead between their own eyes.

Oh wait, of course, it’s other people who are the overpopulation problem, never themselves.

In all his blather about declining resources, I would love to compare the amount of Earth’s limited resources Kotler consumes each year compared to, say, a family of five from Nigeria. Or an entire village in Nigeria. Yeah, I thought so.