Putting Poison Control’s number in the speed dial

Putting Poison Control’s number in the speed dial

Today’s parenting lesson is that childproof caps are not necessarily childproof.

I was in the other room when Melanie called me to come quickly. Isabella likes to root around in her bedside table and that’s where Melanie keeps her multivitamins (so that she won’t forget to take it every day). Apparently Bella has figured out how to do the push and twist because she had the top off and a vitamin in her mouth. Melanie didn’t know whether Bella had already swallowed any so, I called the Poison Control Center.

The real danger is the iron content, but based on the amount of iron per pill, at her weight, she’d have to swallow 20 pills to do any real damage. We’re not sure she even swallowed one, so everything should be okay.

But now every pill bottle in the house goes on a high shelf, childproof or not. And another layer of parental peace of mind is stripped away.