Punishing the shepherd

Punishing the shepherd

In Massachusetts, a state which is nominally 50 percent Catholic, we’re about to pass a law legalizing the cloning and slaughter of children in order to harvest their cells to provide medical treatments. The man most strongly pushing this bill through the Legislature is Senate President Robert Travaglini. He is a Catholic. Now, the state Catholic conference has been doing the usual thing, as in lobbying and trying to get people to write their representatives.

But one Catholic priest, Fr. Tom DiLorenzo, has decided to take more direct steps. He has been protesting and praying outside Travaglini’s home. DiLorenzo leads a very large Charismatic prayer group, is a radio talk show host, and is pastor of a neighboring parish. The Archdiocese of Boston has taken no direct steps in addressing Travaglini or any other Catholic politician promoting this abomination… until now.

The Archdiocese has ordered Fr. DiLorenzo to stop his protests outside the senator’s home.

‘‘As a matter of course, the archdiocese does not comment on personnel matters. However, I can confirm that Bishop [Richard] Lennon recently contacted Father DiLorenzo concerning Father DiLorenzo’s public activities in the East Boston neighborhood,” Lynch said. ‘‘Bishop Lennon imposed limitations on Father DiLorenzo’s activities there.”

Rather than impose discipline on pro-abortion Catholic politicians, we punish Catholic priests who are doing their duty by witnessing to the Gospel while heretical priests continue to roam free and preach blasphemy and dissent. What’s wrong with this picture?

When will Canon 915 be enforced? “Those who are excommunicated or interdicted after the impostion or declaration of the penalty and others who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.” (Canon 915) Here’s hoping our Holy Father continues to take an active interest in this topic.

  • Have heard so many wonderful things about Fr. Tom DiLorenzo, can’t believe I have yet to hear him speak. One night this past winter some friends and I drove up to Holy Rosary for the evening Mass and he was not the celebrant 🙁

    Here’s his website for anyone interested. His show apparently can be heard in other parts of the country too smile


    Regards –

  • It is one of the saddest things to see authority (i.e. the bishop against Fr. DiLorenzo) used in the service of sin—like those police officers arresting the children in front of Terri’s hospice.

  • I wonder what, exactly, Fr. DiLorenzo said in the letter about the Senator’s children?  Is there more to this story than is in the article?

    Still, I wish more priests and bishops would stand up publicly against evil as this priest is trying to do.

  • Maybe the citizens of Massachusetts are massing at this moment to take their Commonwealth back from the tyrants who have stolen it and transformed t into a haven for sodomites and child murderers and the Archbishop ordered Fr. Di Lorenzo away to protect him from the coming violence…


  • To Mr Shea,

    Unfortunately there is too much apathy among Massachusetts residents.  I’m not a Massachusetts native, but I’ve lived here for 8 years now.  What I’ve seen and read about is, too many Catholics here have made a Faustian bargain with the devil: give us political power in the Democrat Party and in return we’ll water down the Gospel message. 

    So this state is effectively a one-party, liberal dictatorship with a lukewarm Catholic voting populace.  Sen Travaglini is one of a long line of “personally opposed but…” quislings in matters of life issues. 

    Orthodox Catholics are disenfranchised and discouraged not only by the liberal cultural elites (the Globe, etc) but also by cowards in the chancery.

    It’s up to us to do the right thing whether we have ecclesiastical backing or not.

  • Father sounds like a real John the Baptist.  Jesus’ best friends always appear to have spent some time in prisons.  And it looks like more of that is coming.  So what are the religious authorities afraid of?

  • Indeed, “brandish” is a great verb. If only more Catholics would brandish their rosary beads….

  • I could imagine Melanie…indeed!!

    The prisons would be full of us!!!!

    Now, if the neighbors could only tell the difference between a cross and a crucifix:

    “You don’t walk with a cross in front of somebody’s house and around the block. It’s ridiculous.”

    Melanie:  “Are you Melanie of “Dom loves Mel” fame?

    Dom:  Nice to see the blog back to the standard high volume of the old days!!!

  • I wonder which earns more ire from the Almighty…stealing $400,000 to pay off your boyfriend (ref. Arch Bishop of Milwaukee) or punishing a faithful priest leading non-violent protest against the murder of millions of innocents (ref. a Bishop of Boston.)

    After reading this blog entry, I think I could forgive and understand Bp. Weakland….what is going on in Boston….well…I better pray on that one.

    Father John Corapi, “The Rosary is a highly effective weapon against evil.”

  • Joe,
    I am indeed, the one and only. accept no imitations. I suppose after Aug 13 I’ll have to get a new login id and be MelanieB instead of MelanieS.
    I used to have a plain-jane Melanie id, but I can’t ever recall the password.

    I’m glad you like the higher volume, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up.  I’ve been super busy with the end of semester grading and neglecting Dom, thus more time for posting. Once I’m done with school he may well relapse into erratic blogging.
    (But at least you know who to blame.)

  • I’ve not been “faithful” in reading all the pre-marital blogs, but I do indeed notice Aug THIRTEEN….  no Fatima link there… is there?

    Fr. Tom is indeed a “marshmallow”.  He loves the Lord, and would give his life for the TRUTH!

    Every Wednesday night there is a gathering of like minded Catholics, Protestants, Othodox, Jews, etc… who come together for Holy Mass at the Espousal Retreat Center in Waltham. 

    I’ve been roughly a dozen times, and have seen plenty of miracles…

    But, I warn you, be prepared to sign and praise the Lord until you are EXHAUSTED!!!!

    And… Keep a very, very, opened mind…

  • Thank you Melanie, MelanieS and the future MelanieB, for the clarification…

    I was getting confused – which at my age is becoming more common.

    Ah, youth – wasted on the young…:)

  • Joe,
    we picked August 13 purely out of practicality.
    August was best because of CWR’s schedule, Dom would more easily be able to take a honeymoon vacation the one month the magazine takes a break.
      We couldn’t do the 6th because the best man’s sister is getting married on that date. The weekend before that, the 30th, is the Proud to be Catholic concert. And if we did Sat the 20th we wouldn’t have had much time for a honeymoon before I had to be back and getting ready for the start of school (and we thought at the time we were picking the date that my sister might be able to make it to World Youth Day.)

    But we did notice the significance of the 13th to Fatima. The Holy Spirit may have had a hand in that one, who am I to deny that there was a larger plan we could not see that made the 13th the only logical choice? 

    glad I could clear up the confusion.

  • I might add that there is a significane to the 13th day of the months in which Mary appeared at Fatima, since my sister was married on May 13 and one of my good friends was married on June 13.  It’s coincidence, but seems significant.

    Also August 13 is just two days before the Feast of the Assumption and the Saturday before World Youth Day, both significant days for me.

    But as Melanie says August 13 is the day that worked. If not that day, we would have had to wait until around Christmas, and I didn’t want to risk New England weather (nevermind waiting an extra 4 months)