Pro-homosexual Hoya

Pro-homosexual Hoya

Georgetown University is now giving out a lesbian, gay, bi, trans, whatever scholarship to students. Yes, it’s an alumni group, but it’s sanctioned by the university. Glad to see they’re committed to the Jesuit tradition and principles. Cardinal McCarrick, call your office? Oh, wait. Never mind.

Remember McCarrick turns 75 this summer and is confident the Pope will let him retire. Who’s on deck? Batter up!

  • Yes, batter up! I’m ready to be disappointed by another cardinal archbishop who lacks the stones to stand up to this garbage.

  • Well Rod, perhaps Rome will find a new Abp that doesn’t have the “baggage” of McCarric, and so is less open to attack.  I know that you are kinda down due to past bitter disappointments, but we really don’t know yet how our new pope is going to deal with the American Church yet.  I for one will take a wait and see attitude and, well, wait and see.  I don’t think that we will have long to wait.

  • How about Bruskewitz for Archbishop of Washington?

    That would shake things up a little.

  • Well, whoever the new cardinal is I hope he does a better job of paying attention to what’s going on in the diocese. The inner city parishes would have been happy to have a pastoral visit that cam more than once in a blue moon.

  •   There are many lawyers who are participants in these discussions. 
    Can any of you educate us as for what the civil articles of incorporation of Georgetown provide?  It makes little sense to complain of episcopal inaction if the University’s trustees are not appointed by and responsible to the bishop, or appointed by or responsible to religious subject to the ordinary’s regulatory authority.

    It is my understanding that religious orders can be expelled from a diocese at the ordinary’s edict, but that there is a class of orders who are immune.  Is there a canonist present who can tell us the status of the Society of Jesus with regard to this and also what substantive violations must be present and forms observed for a religious order to be expelled?

    Do issuance of occasional pastoral letters warning people off an institution, withdrawal of diocesan personnel from an institution, and public rebukes of responsible Catholic laymen constitute ‘standing up to this garbage’?  Do they constitute that if they can be shown to be substantively ineffectual?

    Have their been any empirical studies done about the factors Mass-going Catholics consider in selecting a college for their children to attend; maintain a coherent conception of what Catholic education is or should be; and would listen to ecclesiastical exhortations?

    I cannot help suspect that canon and civil law may conspire to render the task of reforming Catholic higher education a task for Bishop Roy Bean and his Auxilliary, Buford Pusser. 

  • Living in the Diocese of Washington, I have to say I am looking forward to Cardinal McCarrick’s retirement (my wife won’t let me count the days, but I’d like to).

    However, I would like to come to his defense somewhat – he is not as bad as many in the blogosphere make him out to be. I think the best way to see how a bishop is doing is by looking at the vocations he produces – and Cardinal McCarrick would get an “A” from me on that score. We have a good number of young, dynamic seminarians and priests here – many which started their formation under McCarrick. He has made a great effort on the vocations front – and it has really paid off greatly.

    He also did a very good job with the media during JPII’s death and Benedict’s election. He explained our faith well and defended Benedict against the critics well. And not just a half-hearted defense – he really defended Catholic teaching and strongly justified Ratzinger’s defense of it.

    McCarrick has his flaws (like the rest of us), but he also has done some very good things as well.

  • I forgot one thing in my last post – when I said we have a good number of “young, dynamic seminarians and priests”, I meant to say we have a good number of “young, dynamic and orthodox seminarians and priests”. Yes, they are very orthodox as well.

  • How about Father C. John McCloskey from the Catholic Information Center? Straight promotion to ArchBishop.  He used to teach at Georgetown, I think. Special Bonus: He’s an Opus Dei priest!!! That’ll shake up the Jebbies for sure.

  • Fr. McCloskey is no longer with the Catholic Information Center.  He’s a “Non-Resident Researcher in Education” at the Faith and Reason Institute (which is located across K Street from and a block to the east of the CIC).  I take it that “non-resident” means he doesn’t live in Washington any more, but I have no idea where he is now.

  • Here
    is an up to date bio for the good father.

    Back one click on this site, is says the he is working for the Faith and Reasion Inst.