Pro-abortion McAuliffe disinvited by Syracuse bishop

Pro-abortion McAuliffe disinvited by Syracuse bishop

Episcopal spine alert! Bishop James Moynihan of Syracuse, New York, has cancelled a scheduled talk by former Democratic Party chairman Terry McAuliffe his alma mater, Bishop Ludden High School. McAuliffe has repeatedly stated that he is virulently pro-abortion.

This is the second slap in the face for McAuliffe stemming from a radio interview he did with Hugh Hewitt last month. On the show, Mcauliffe also said he was becoming a member of the Knights of Malta. After a storm of outrage, the knights announced that if McAuliffe had applied for membership and was even being sponsored, he would not be considered for membership because of his pro-abortion stance. In the same program, McAuliffe said he is pro-abortion “no question about it.”

However, Bishop Moynihan’s bathtub of glory is only half full. He did originally approve McAuliffe’s appearance but said he was unaware of his pro-abortion views. He was head of the Democratic Party whose pro-abortion stance is virtually a political sacrament. It’s not exactly rocket science to figure. You’d think he’d at least be suspicious and have someone check out McAuliffe’s views before initially approving his talk.

McAuliffe’s response:

While my views on this issue have been public and consistent for many years, they have not prevented me from working and speaking to Catholic organizations in the past,” he said. “I hope we can keep an open dialogue to find common ground in the future.”

That his views on abortion did not disqualify him in the past is a scandal to those inside and outside the Church. Thankfully, it appears Bishop Moynihan is doing his part to rectify that.

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  • “I hope we can keep an open dialogue to find common ground in the future.”

    Leanne Payne, a Christian lecturer who has a ministry aiding homosexuals to live lives of holiness and who despises political correctness once said, “You don’t dialogue with barbarians.”
    Philosophically, pro-aborts are the barbarians, the Huns at the gate who want to slit our proverbial throats.
    The time for dialogue is over, the time for putting them in their uncivilized place is at hand.

    Common ground? For what has Belial to do with Christ? What does darkness have in common with the light?

  • Bishop Moynihan’s ‘courage’ was activated by the area’s vocal Right to Life group.  Mighty strange he wasn’t aware of the non-Catholic position of Democrats in general and McAwful in particular – one of my home town’s most notorious figures after the Baldwin clan.