Pro-abortion, former DNC chair as Knight of Malta?

Pro-abortion, former DNC chair as Knight of Malta?

Dale Price is righteously angry and can you blame him?

Terry McAuliffe, former DNC Chair and unapologetic defender of partial birth abortion, is about to be honored for his selfless devotion to and efforts on behalf of the Catholic Faith by being admitted to the Knights of Malta.

Once again, those laboring in the trenches to uphold the Gospel are about to take a shiv between the shoulderblades. Once again, the unfaithful get front row seats while the laborers in the vineyard are told to shut up. This is of a piece with the detonation over the Buffalo Deacon’s homily (poor, poor “Brian,” whose remarkably base political whoredom is noted here) and the Archbishop of Washington’s studied refusal to directly address life issues with any Catholics in public life. Yes, the Church’s leaders preach one thing while coddling the opponents within her ranks.

Meanwhile, isn’t Ted Kennedy still a Knight of Columbus? Rupert Murdoch, founder of News Corp and Fox Broadcasting, received a papal knighthood in the Order of St. Gregory.

If you know anyone who is a Knight of Malta (or if you are one yourself), maybe you could suggest to him that perhaps Terry McAuliffe would not be an appropriate candidate for membership regardless of his political connections or potential contributions to the Knights’ charitable causes. It would all be blood money in any case.

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  • By knighting the types of men who not only condone but promote abortion renders meaningless the entire group of living members who now must have infanticidal activists among body.  I don’t know how the Church leadership in good conscience can sit on their hands when this occurs?

  • And the original of my nom de plume and his brothers are rolling in their graves at what is happenning to their Order in the USA.

  • Already sent them an email in protest.

    1730 M. Street, NW, Suite 403
    Washington, DC 20036
    202-331-2494 – Phone
    202-331-1149 – Fax

    <a >Contact page</a>

  • I don’t think anything will happen with any of these organizations until the local bishop takes a stand.

    The KofC won’t kick anyone out unless their local bishop calls them out first.

    The leadership on these matters needs to come from the local ordinary.  No disrespect to soon to be St. John Paul, but, for the most part, his appointments were sorely lacking on this continent, and we are living with the results.

    In the case of Murdoch, don’t you think the Vatican assumes the local ordinary has checked into things?  Remember, while there are 60 million Catholics in the USA, they still only make up 6% of the global Catholic population!!!

    Remember what the other 3:16 says: 

    So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth  Rev 3:16 NASB ‘95

  • For one thing Murdoch’s not even Catholic. For another, he’s not some obscure local figure. He is a world-famous media mogul. He even had a James Bond villain modeled after him.

  • Who says you have to be Catholic to receive the award?  The other two, nominated with Mahony weren’t Catholic either.  They were Bob Hope and Roy Disney.  Oh, I forgot, there were three others nominated that day:  Mrs. Hope, Mrs. Murdoch, and Mrs. Disney.  And who gave Murdoch the award???? 

    The man who was…  Created and proclaimed Cardinal by John Paul II in the consistory of 28 June 1991. Titular church, SS. Quattro Coronati.‘nuff said.

    Oh, here’s some commentary from 1998 found at

    Not everyone, it appears, applauds Cardinal Mahony’s choice of Rupert Murdoch for papal honors, as is indicated by two letters that appeared in the January 9, 1998 Los Angeles Times. One Frank McPike of Torrance writes, “[w]hile I don’t know who St. Gregory the Great was, I still have a feeling that if he were given a look at most of Murdoch’s newspapers, he might ask for a recount.” Mr. McPike continues that “Murdoch’s sex-oriented British dailies, and even his blue-collar, lowbrow sensationalist U.S. holdings, make him an unlikely ally of the pope…. Perhaps the most telling factor is that Murdoch and his wife ‘have supported the Archdiocesan Education Foundation and other Catholic causes. Apparently, Murdoch bought more than the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1997.”

    Along the same lines writes George T. Bentley of La Puente, a Catholic. Imagining the January 12 induction ceremony, Mr. Bentley says, “I can see it now. Murdoch’s Fox network will tape the ceremony, juice it up with the usual blood and babes, and air it during the February sweeps. I have the perfect title: ‘When Church Officials Lose Their Minds!’”

  • Actually Bob Hope was Catholic and while Mahony recommended the awards, they are granted by papal decree. And you quoted from the article that I linked; you’re not telling me something I don’t already know. You’re making my point.

    It was Mahony’s recommendation but the Vatican approves.

  • This issue is over.  40,000 Turks vs 800 knights.  Knights win.  11,000 knights vs one baby killer.  Knights win.  Keep the prayers comming.  They helped in 1565, they help at Lepanto, and they continue to help us today. Tuitio Fidei!