Pretty Fly for A Wifi

Pretty Fly for A Wifi

Fifteen or 20 years ago, this would have been incomprehensible to most people. But now, I'd say most homes now have some kind of Wifi in their homes and each of those networks need a name. It used to be that everywhere you went you saw "Linksys", but now most routers ask you to change the defaults. So what do you name yours?

Ours is Melanie's maiden name. Melanie's mom set up her Wifi when she was single and living with roommates. When we got married, I moved into her apartment and just kept using the same Linksys WRT-54G router and over the years as we upgraded to a variety of Apple Airports I kept the same name both for ease of use and because it's somewhat obscure. Our neighbors don't know which network is ours because it's not our name.

As for our neighbors, from my house I can see some default names -- ASUS, variations on FIOS -- but also others like Gilboa and NBCN6. Not too creative I guess. A very common joke is "FBI surveillance van". Not as clever and creative as they think. What's your wifi network name?

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