Prayers for Dale

Prayers for Dale

I’ve been away from blogging for a few days and he may already be home, but I’d still like to send out my prayers and you for your prayers for Dale Price who’s having a bit of a health scare. Obviously, we include in our prayers his wife Heather and their kids. I’ve seen my dad have heart attacks and my brother too, and I’m paranoid about it, so kudos to Dale and Heather for taking no chances and going to the doctor at the first sign of trouble. Better to be “embarrassed” (although there’s no shame in it) than to ignore it.

They’re doing regular blood draws to check things; those keep coming back with good results. His spirits are good despite being on bedrest—I remember that from last year!

The kids and I saw him and they’re okay. Madeleine told him she’d rather he be in the hospital and get better than home sick, so she’s a smart girl. He encouraged us to go to dance class, even.

The cardiologist has said he expects Dale to get released by 5 PM Tuesday. Not a moment too soon.

On a related note: it’s a LOT easier for me to blog about it than talk about it, so if I don’t return your call, don’t take it personally. It’s a blogging disconnect, you know? These are just words I type on the screen. I completely forget that other people actually read them. People like my sister-in-law, my parents-in-law, other members of our homeschool support group, neighbors, friends…

God bless and Godspeed, Dale. We entrust you to the loving intercession of the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph.


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