Prayer requests

Prayer requests

A couple of prayer requests on this Saturday.

First, please pray for Carl Olson at Ignatius Insight Scoop blog. His family is struggling right now with a terrible adoption situation where the biological parents have taken back their daughter after the Olsons have had her in their family for the past five months.

Second, please pray for my Mom. She continues to be out of work, plus she’s started to have the beginnings of a cellulitis infection in her leg. If you’ve been reading for a while, you may remember that she’s had some health issues regarding her knee replacements and infections. The doctor said before that another infection in her knee could result in her having the replacement removed permanently and ending up wheelchair bound.

On top of that, my sister with whom my Mom lives recently lost her job and now they face the daunting prospect of paying the mortgage and their bills. That’s pretty scary.

Finally, on a somewhat more hopeful note, Melanie and I have put an offer on another house and we hope we have a better outcome this time.

In times like these, there are many who need our prayers. If you could spare a moment for these, I would appreciate it.