Prayer request: My mom

Prayer request: My mom

Update: My mom is doing well. The infection is her leg, but not her knee. She’s on a course of antibiotics and they’re going to keep her in the hospital until her fever breaks, possibly Tuesday. Deo gratias. Thank you all for your prayers.

I’ve just received word that my mom has been rushed to the hospital near her home in Maine with an infection in her leg and a fever. This is particularly serious because she’s had several knee operations, including knee replacement, and has suffered from infections in the knee, which required hospitalization and surgery. They had become so bad that the doctors warned that another infection could cause her to lose her leg or even her life!

So today she called my sister to say that she had a fever and the telltale redness in her leg. The doctor advised her to call and ambulance right away to get to the hospital and so she’s there now. We’re waiting for an update.

Please, if you will, pray for her, for the low spirits she must be in now and for healing of her leg. Thank you.