Post reporters mocked Pope’s death

Post reporters mocked Pope’s death

A Washington Post internal memo on diversity was posted on a blog, and some specific details related to coverage of religion stuck out.

But the real dirt in the 30-plus page report is the testimony of anonymous Post reporters. This one sticks out for me, on page 5: “One person noted an anti-religion bias in the newsroom. When referring to the faithful, ‘the word of choice around here is “kooks”.’ This same person felt offended during the recent coverage of the Pope’s death, when some of her colleagues, she said, were mocking the Pope. ‘I was [too] intimidated to complain, even since my editor was part of it, so I got up and left. Faith is derided.’”

It’s not particularly surprising, given everything we’ve seen over the years. But it does confirm what we already know about the MSM.

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