Pope says clean house

Pope says clean house

  • Like all politicians everywhere, our bishops, for the most part, care mostly about people’s (and the Pope’s) believing that they’re actually doing something, rather than actually doing something.  How many bushel-fulls of papal encyclicals are effectively ignored by our bishops? 

  • The Pope issued the same command way back in 1985,and with the same result—nothing! The HF has his hand on the tiller,but it is not connected to the rudder. The “Vat-Rats” rule.

  • He might as well be giving advice a gaggle of Hindu swamis from India.

    When American bishops visit the Vatican it is akin to an ecumenical event.

    Cardinal Kasper needs to be in attendance when they visit.

  • Well there has been some improvement in some seminaries since 1985.

    This is just a part of the Pope’s 50 year plan to clean up the Church in America.