Pope in Bono’s sunglasses

Pope in Bono’s sunglasses

Have you heard the story about Bono of the rock band U2 meeting the Pope? Bono who is Catholic was big in the Jubilee Year fighting for Third World debt relief, part of the Pope’s agenda for the year. When they met the Holy Father put on Bono’s sunglasses. On “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” in November 2003, Bono recounted the meeting:

“This is an amazing—this was an amazing moment for all of us gathered, actually. I just said to him, “I know you’re a very—you’re a holy man, but I know you are a showman.” And noticed him spotting the fly shades as I was walking up to him, so I just gave them to him, and he put them on, and he made this kind of wicked smile. The cameras flashed, and I thought, “we’re on the front page of every newspaper for the work we’re doing in africa. This is great.” But actually, the people in the Vatican didn’t quite have the same—

>> Jay: Couldn’t take to the—

>> So it’s never been seen, and maybe one day, but it was very moving to be in his presence.

Well, somebody smuggled the photo out of the Vatican because the web site at the first link above got a copy, or to be more exact, a photo of the photo in a display at a Harvard economic forum. Here it is. I’d love to find a better copy of it.

  • Is Bono a Catholic?  I’d thought he was Protestant, or a Jehovah’s Witness, or something…?

  • I thought I saw a profile of U2 and they said Bono, and one of the other band members, maybe the edge, were born again, evangelicals. I could be wrong.

  • Hey! How can you possibly be tired of Bono? …ok, I&88217;m only one of their biggest fans, and I really am a fan of the Edge more so…
    Just for info, the book “Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2” by Steve Stockman is one of the best book on U2 to read.  Their rejection of the US Christian Music scene years ago is rooted in their upbringing and cultural understanding of how to speak about God.  It’s quite different than the scene on this side of the “pond”.  Nonetheless, their music has been consistant in it’s spirituality, though it is different than we might think it “should” be.  One of the coolest things the Band has been talking about lately has been experiencing the Holy Spirit as they are on stage playing a concert.

    Sorry to get off track-oh, and Bono is not a practicing Catholic and all but one of them is a professed Christian (most raised ina sort of Pentacostal group).  But even Adam will admit that something extraordinary is going on that moves the band during their performances.

    Anyway, the book I mentioned is a must have for any serious U2 fan.
    OH yah-and Dom if you ever find a better picture of that, let us know!

  • I don’t need an apostate Irishman telling my government how to spend tax dollars it takes from me at the point of a gun.  He tried to lecture the former Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Evans, about money sent to Africa and the Secretary clearly pointed out how billions could not be accounted for.

    Even his bandmates are sick of him. Adam Clayton (bassist) was griping aloud, asking, “Does he have to take a position on everything?”

    The European Zoo-mania tour featured Bono as a Mephistopheles like character named Mr. Macphisto. See http://forum.interference.com/t78354.html

    God will not be mocked.

  • No it was not his point. He was berating us for not donating enough. And Evans pushed back.

    There was nothing ironic about posing as Satan.  It was meant to give a softer, harmless image to Satan.