Pope Benedict votes for US president

Pope Benedict votes for US president

The liberal elites are worrying that Pope Benedict is trying to undermine our democracy by telling Catholic politicians they must not support abortion.

On Friday’s “Good Morning America,” ABC anchors and reporters worried that the Pope may be “interfering in American politics.” Correspondent Dan Harris discussed the Pope’s comments about pro-choice Catholic politicians and an ABC graphic offered this leading question, “Is Pope Pushing his Pulpit?”

Interviewing a conservative pollster, Harris takes the shrillness to 11: “So even though he doesn’t vote here, he doesn’t live here, wasn’t elected here, he can impact the race here?”

Yes, Dan, the Pope is a German living in Rome and can influence the American electoral process. Fancy that. And a Saudi Arabian hiding in a cave in Afghanistan/Pakistan affected American electoral politics to an ever greater degree.

Of course, for liberals like Harris the influence of the Pope is as malevolent as that of bin Laden.

What’s really ridiculous is the notion that the Pope was actually intending to affect the US presidential election. Like so many other Americans, they think that everything in the world revolves around the internal affairs of the United States. It does not. In fact, the context of the Pope’s remarks was Mexican politics.

Diane Sawyer: “Next up in the news now, politics and the Pope. Is the Pope trying to influence American politics? Change the race for the White House? Did his aides edit his transcript? He’s putting some presidential contenders in a tough spot this morning.

No, Diane, not even close. But you’re welcome to the convenient cudgel with which to beat the Church on national TV yet again. Thank you, may I have another?

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