Petition for “the Great”

Petition for “the Great”

The Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute has set up a petition to have John Paul II recognized as “the Great”. If you want to sign on, read the following for the link:

They stood half a million strong in St. Peter’s Square and chanted “Magnus, Magnus, Magnus.” Translation: “Great, Great, Great.” They were calling for our dearly departed John Paul II to be named “The Great.” Only two previous Popes have been given that title; Leo the Great (d. 461), and Gregory the Great (d. 604). There hasn’t been another one in 1400 years. Until now!

The title “Great” is not given by the Church. It is not given by the College of Cardinals. It is given by the people, by public acclamation and popular use. It is given by you and me.

Most of us will never have the opportunity to make our wishes on this known. But now you can…

I now direct you to where your voice can be heard. Go to and sign the petition calling for John Paul II to be universally acclaimed John Paul the Great.

Your name, along with millions of others, will be delivered directly to office of our new Pope Benedict XVI. The names will also be delivered to the Vatican press corps, the press in the United States and around the world.

Let your voice be heard: “Great, Great, Great, John Paul the Great”

Go to right now and sign the petition.

And, this is very important, right now send this note to your family and friends. Send this around the world. Let this take on a life of its own. Let millions sign!