People praying to tasty animals

People praying to tasty animals

As bad as things can seem in the Catholic Church, I can always count on our Anglican brethren to put it all in perspective. The Church of England is distributing a new order of service in which Anglicans will pray for the dinner. No, not pray to receive, but to intercede on behalf of the dinner itself, or more accurately, the animals it once was. They’re being asked to pray for the soul of the animal and to “ask God to give them compasson for animals exploited for food, for science, and for entertainment.” Sounds like a PETA press release.

How ridiculous the whole thing is. How could animals be “exploited” for food, when they are, in fact, food. Every animal is food for something. Even man is eventually food for worms and bacteria (or for the unlucky, sharks and lions.)

  • Reminds me of a claim I heard from a nun that it is sin to have a species become extinct.

    So what about the thousands and thousands of species that went extinct before mankind set foot on the planet?  Does that mean God is a sinner?

    Crazy theology….goes hand in hand with what vehicle Jesus would drive.

  • I converted from being an Episcopalian about twelve years ago.  Now I know why I’ve never looked back.

  • Just when you think the Anglican Church can’t get any wackier, you get this. Rev. Linzey’s time might have been better spent studying the Bible, rather than the ‘gospel according to PETA’.

  • It’s good to keep tabs on the Anglicans, it’s a good snapshot of where some Catholics are headed in about 10-20 years.

    Coming to a parish near you…….

  • Isn’t this a confession of sin – regret that I’ve made a choice to eat the flesh of this animal?

    This is cheap grace.  If one truly regrets eating an animal they would resolve never to eat an animal again.  Repentance should become conversion.

    As for the “soul” of the animal—There is none after its death.  The animal has no existence after death as men and women do.

  • Perhaps we can get Joseph D’Hippolito to give us a compare and contrast with A Modest Proposal.  It would seem that this is a good place to talk about that, no?

    And Peter….I don’t think that C.S. Lewis would be Catholic today.  He had no interest in becoming Catholic when he was alive, so I don’t think that he would today.  Try reading or re-reading Mere Christianity….that solves your statement.  Cheers!!


  • Hey—pretty funny—-!!!!

    Sorry, no what I mean is that we used to be Episcopalian and for years and years hated to leave our faith and suffered through so much nonsense. 
    From 1984 to 1998 we saw the attendance drop consistantly—despite changing doctrine to accomodate every victim group.