Peace now or I’ll kill you

Peace now or I’ll kill you

A group of peace activists are threatening violence against Vietnam vet counter-demonstrators:

    Two generations of Americans will collide in Washington, D.C., on Saturday when a coalition of Vietnam veterans counter-protests thousands of anti-war protesters, many of whom were born years after Saigon fell to the Communists in 1975. Almost three decades later, the Vietnam veterans want to ensure America’s military avoids another unfinished war.

    But even as these veterans prepare for their counter demonstration, an official with one veterans group said his organization has been receiving e-mail threats of violence by people identifying themselves as anti-war and peace activists.

One of the problems with liberals (there are so many) is that they are irony-impaired. “Be opposed to war or I’ll beat your brains in.”

    But Kernodle said the majority of anti-war activists don’t believe the Vietnam vets and other patriotic citizens have a right to demonstrate in support of America’s war on terror. (The Vietnam veterans’ demonstration is being co-sponsored by the D.C. Chapter of the Free Republic.) ... However, he said, “It is extremely apparent that there is a large number of the radicals on the left who absolutely are intolerant of any voice but their own, and they will go to the point of being physically threatening to preclude any of that happening.”

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli