On the local news last night, following the end of the PGA tournament near Boston, there was a report from a woman tournament volunteer who claimed that Tiger Woods refused to ride in a golf cart she was driving because she was a woman. Tiger, of course, denied the whole thing emphatically.

I’m siding with Tiger, and not just because he’s famous. I saw with my own eyes on Friday that Tiger rode in a golf cart with a female driver, even when he had a choice of taking another cart with a guy at the wheel.

The whole incident makes me wonder: Did this woman run to the nearest TV camera when this snubbing allegedly happened to her? The tournament ended at 6 pm and the story aired on a rival station minutes later. How did they get the story so fast?

Recall that during the Masters’ Tournament earlier this year that feminist groups protested and attacked Tiger in the media for not boycotting the event. I wonder ...