Pat predictions

Pat predictions

It’s that time of year once again to stop looking back and begin looking forward, to assess where we’re going and how we will get there. I refer, of course, to the beginning of football season. In that light, I offer here my predictions for the 2004 season of the NFL Super Bowl champion New England Patriots:

Colts - W
@ Cardinals - W
@ Bills - W
Dolphins - W
Seahawks - L
Jets - W
@ Steelers - W
@ Rams - L
Bills - W
@ Chiefs - L
Ravens - W
@ Browns - W
Bengals - W
@ Dolphins - W
@ Jets - W
49ers - L

That leaves them with a 12-4 record and a likely playoff berth. You’ll notice I expect them to sweep all their division opponents. The Bills are still the Bills of last year. They may have some small improvement in the running game, although Travis Henry was good to begin with, but Willis McGahee is still a question mark. Mostly, though, Bill Belichick has always had Drew Bledsoe’s number, and I don’t think that’s going to change. The Jets, meanwhile, have also not only failed to improve, they lost several more key players in the offseason. Chad Pennington’s talent will be wasted this year in New York. And I’d have given more credit to the Dolphins if they hadn’t lost Ricky Williams which should be a big disruption to the team. (While Ricky put up big numbers against the Pats last year, they hardly let him into the end zone.) And the quarterback situation is a big fat question mark, as it has been in Miami since Dan Marino left. Those are big shoes to fill.

  • I think the Jets will sneak one against them. I can’t see them losing to the 49ers at home. I don’t think the 49ers will be that good, esp. with the loss of Owens. Here are my predictions:

    Colts – W
    @ Cardinals – W
    @ Bills – W
    Dolphins – W
    Seahawks – W
    Jets – W
    @ Steelers – L
    @ Rams – W
    Bills – W
    @ Chiefs – L
    Ravens – W
    @ Browns – W
    Bengals – W
    @ Dolphins – W
    @ Jets – L
    49ers – W

    Record: 13-3 -> playoffs, Repeat Champs!!

    FYI, 1st round pick TE Ben Watson’s agent and the Pats are at an impasse. The Pat’s policy for roockies is a 6yr deal, the agent wants a 5yr deal. I don’t see the Pats moving. Watson’s impact this year may be limited. Look for Daniel Graham to have a breakout year.

  • The Pats have an embarassment of riches at tight end, so Watson should get in gear. Belichick and Scott Pioli proved they want mess around with contract matters. Just ask Lawyer Milloy and Ty Law.

    By the way, my brother-in-law Peter thinks Brady will get injured this year and the Pats will be 10-6.

  • Do you honestly believe that they will beat the Colts?  C’mon….they have one of the most potent offenses in the league and their defense is again going to be tough.  While they may be ranked #1 in the power rankings Indy is ranked #3.

    It has proven harder to go undefeated in the division than not.  I would predict that the Pats will go 11-5.  Losses to the Colts, Dolphins, Steelers, Chiefs, and Ravens.

    I mean the predictions only have the Pats @ #8 offensively and #5 Defensively.

    Even if they make it to the Super Bowl, they would have to deal with my Packers…Farve, Green, Sharper….#2 offensively, and #7 defensively…

    God, I love football….Go Pack….


  • Cam,

    Did you pay attention to last season?

    The Pats beat the Colts not once but twice. Belichick and the Pats have got Mannings number.  Forget the predictions. The “experts” can never understand how the Pats win, but they do. It may not always be sexy, but a “W” is a “W”.

    As far as the Packers go, I think you may have your cheesehead hat on too tight ;>)

  • I don’t pay much attention to those rankings. After all, the Pats haven’t been highly ranked in either of their Super Bowl years. Like Bledsoe, I think Belichick has Manning’s number. Unless they can find some way to defeat the Pat smothering secondary, the Colts won’t get anywhere again.

    Although, I’m wondering if the new emphasis on coverage rules during the offseason will affect the ability to cover the Colts speedy receivers like they did during the playoffs.

    I’m curious why everybody thinks the Steelers will beat the Pats. I think the Steelers are consistently the most overrated team. Every year they’re predicted to go to the playoffs or the SB and every year they manage to fall short.

    I’ll grant that a loss to the Dolphins is possible, but that’s up in the air. I want to see how they deal with the Ricky Williams and quarterback issues.

    And I agree that Chiefs and Ravens will remain contenders.

    As for the Packers…. Favre’s getting old. Every man has his limits. Will this be the year that we see them?

  • What’s with the football stuff in the first week of August? It’s baseball season, for Pete’s sake! What, ya got no pennant fever? Here in StL we, well, you know….

  • Dom,

    Favre’s getting old?  Really?  He is more like the enegizer bunny….who has the record for the most consecutive starts?  It can be argued that Favre is the best QB to ever have played the game. 

    I want to see how the ‘Fins deal with the loss of Ricky and the latest that he may return next year to the Raiders.

    I also am wondering about the new rules…it will be harder to defend Maaavin.

    Good Luck….


  • Of course he’s old. He has 14 seasons in the league. That’s forever for a quarterback. And yes, he’s the NFL iron man but that can’t last forever. Eventually he’s going to start to break down, he’s going to get injured. Even Cal Ripken started taking games off and retired.

    Kmac, Sorry but NFL is my first love. I like baseball and the Red Sox, but I love football and the Pats. Now if the Sox were leading the division by a half-dozen games, it might be different.

  • I think God invented pre-season football specifically for Red Sox fans… 

    Cam…you’re a cheesehead?  Didn’t my years of babysitting teach you anything???? I am physically ill at the thought.

  • I like football quite a lot, but I don’t have a strong rooting interest (like I do the NBA and European soccer). I have a different favorite team every week … Whoever Plays Dallas. So one year, my team went 15-1 and didn’t make the playoffs.

  • Jaime,

    I know….a Yankee fan AND a Packer fan!!!!!  I can’t stand fans who waffle. (ie. most Minnesota fans, whether Twins or Vikes!!)  On the NL side, I am a Cubbie fan.

    Can I get you a Viking Helmet with horns to hold on too in order for you to puke properly?

    Cam (the fan of Champions and the best teams in each sport)