Parenting Law

Parenting Law

Melanie: Isabella just made a mess in her diaper. Here your turn to change her.

Me: Sorry, but you’re holding her and Parenting Law clearly says that possession is 9/10s of the poopy diaper.

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  • Reminds me of the return of my husband after a 16 month deployment to Germany (we did not accompany him). 

    Him:  She’s poopy… I changed the last one.

    Me: Do you REALLY want to go there?

  • Of course my mistake was telling him about the poopy before trying to hand her over. I should have passed the baby first then mentioned the diaper. (That’s what I did this afternoon.)

  • Wow, that brings back memories of the diaper days of our two sons, now in their 20’s.  Yes, folks, you WILL survive this! God bless your sense of humour!  Hugs for la bellissima Isabella!

  • I love it when I get asked the ‘do you want to change her diaper’ question by my wife for our 3mo old.  hmmmmmmmm.  I too tried to pull the ‘youre holding her when she went poopy.’ didn’t work at all! I think I got ‘the look.’

  • Something tells me that the 1/10 of the poopy diaper that was yours might have wound up somewhere you’d rather not want it….if that’s NOT the case, then Melanie is a better woman than I am!