Pardon me, have you seen my million-dollar lottery ticket?

Pardon me, have you seen my million-dollar lottery ticket?

A woman in Ohio claims she lost the ticket that won $162 million in the multi-state Big Game lottery. She says she dropped her purse in grocery store parking lot and it must have fallen out. Now she’s offering a reward.

Since possession of the winning ticket is all that’s required to claim the prize, what are the odds that someone will take, say, $50,000, instead of $162 million? Now honesty and integrity would say one should turn the ticket over to the rightful owner, but then again this is America in the 21st century.

How do you think that woman feels now? She let millions of dollars slip away. I suppose she could be philosophical about it: she didn’t have $162 million the week before and she doesn’t have it now. No change. Oh, but how the mind tortures you.

Update: Apparently the real winner has redeemed the ticket. She has a receipt proving she bought the ticket at the convenience store. The woman who claimed she lost it may have been an enterprising trickster who thought she could make a quick buck on a legal settlement. She still may. Her husband refused to talk to reporters on advice of attorney because he “may incriminate myself.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement of truthfulness.

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