Pagans in the Church down under

Pagans in the Church down under

Is the Catholic Church in Australia overrun by witchcraft brought into it by certain women’s religious orders? Maybe the “Pilgrim Staffs” that the author talks about are just what they claim to be, maybe they’re not (he seems to make a little leap in logic there based on appearances), but the rest of the article shows the influence of pagan symbols and rituals in the Australia. Of course, there’s some of that here in the US, although perhaps to a lesser degree.

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  • I did a little research on the “pilgrim’s staff”.  Even as obscure as it is, as a Christian symbol it seemed strange to me to be forked.  Indeed, I found no references to a forked staff as anything but pagan/neo-pagan.

    Archbishop Bathersby was either duped or is part of it.