Ooh, ouch for Kerry

Ooh, ouch for Kerry

You know things aren’t going well for John Kerry when he’s getting boos in South Boston. According to the Boston Herald’s gossip column (scroll down at the link or read below):

Sen. John Kerry took a spin by a South Boston 200th anniversary bash the other night - and probably wished he hadn’t.

Kerry, who was at the new convention center for a fund-raiser was persuaded to pop downstairs to say hey to a couple of thousand revelers who call Southie their hometown. But when the Leader-of-the-Free-World-wannabe came out on stage, he got a less-than-rousing reception!

“There were some boos,” said Someone Who Was There. “There was a range of reactions. Some enthusiastic cheers, some polite applause, some people did nothing and some booed.” Which is sort of like a Southie Rorschach test!

If any place in Boston is Democrat country it’s South Boston, although I imagine that it’s less liberal than other places, like Brookline or Cambridge. Still, it ain’t a good sign.

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  • looks like I did some good work there afterall!!

    just kidddng, just kidding…
    PS Southie is the first place I met pro-life, Church agreein’ Democrats.