One year ago today

One year ago today

How did we forget? Then again, where did the time go? Melanie reminds me that it was one year ago today (not yesterday, although it was Labor Day) that we found out that she was pregnant with Isabella. (Well, we didn’t know it was Isabella yet, but we knew it was a baby.)

I have probably mentioned before but it should have occurred the evening before. We’d had a feeling ever since we returned from the honeymoon, but hadn’t wanted to jump the gun. Thus on the night before Labor Day we’d been sitting for my sister who insisted we take one of her spare pregnancy tests home with us. So we did and ... nothing.

And I mean nothing, not even the little line that says “nope, not pregnant.” Was it defective? Did Melanie do something wrong? (Although, it’s about the easiest “test” you’ll ever take.) So in the morning I went off to the drug store where the nice kid at the checkout congratulated me. Imagine our chagrin when we discovered we’d been looking at the wrong side of the tester. We fished the old one out of the trash, turned it over, and sure enough we should have known the night before.

For two highly educated (at no small expense, no less) people, being foiled by a pregnancy test is a bit embarrassing. But of course our joy won out over our embarrassment. And look at us a year later with the most amazing, nearly 4-month-old baby girl. What a year.

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  • LOL! I don’t remember your posting anything about this “mistake!”

    Yes, your joy should win, hands down, over your embarrassment. (But you outta be embarrassed nevertheless!) grin

    God bless your family!

  • It’ll become part of your family legend that you’ll love to tell over and over.  Kinda like my then four-year-old third child telling me I was pregnant and my telling him, “No, I just have the ‘flu.”  A month later, it finally dawned on us to take the pregnancy test.  You can imagine his crowing…“I told you so.”