One man’s essential is another’s luxury

One man’s essential is another’s luxury

The Christian publishing house Thomas Nelson Publishers has decided how it’s going to help Katrina victims. First, it’s going to match employee contributions, up to $50,000. Second, they’re going to donate 100,000 Bibles. They’re a Bible pubisher, they have Bibles, they’re going to send them to people who need them.

Some people find this objectionable. That’s putting it mildly based on the venom spewed at Nelson CEO Michael Hyatt.

100,000 Bibles. That is the most asinine thing I have heard in years (and I’ve heard a few) You are fool of the first order. You sending bibles to people who need food, water, medicine, blankets, clothes and shelter. I shake my head in wonder and dismay.

Bibles !!!! Unbelievable…... In my eyes you are a moron! Unbelievable…. there are people DYING and babies and old people suffering indignities beyond any comprehension and you send them BIBLES - aaaaggggghhhhh - America IS nuts - no doubt about it.

If I were starving, thirsty, homeless, and in need of medicine, and someone handed me a bible, I would spit in their face. This is the most ridiculous, useless, self-serving thing I’ve ever heard, and anyone who gives money to this cause is going to hell.

Okay, that’s their opinion. But perhaps these people should consider that people who have lost everything may have different priorities in life. This is the South and it’s a fact that people in the South are more religious in general than those elsewhere. Many of the worst-hit refugees from New Orleans are black and black people are also overwhelmingly more likely to be religious than say your average white guy from Manhattan or Cambridge. So if the refugees don’t want the Bibles, they can just not take one.