On voting well

On voting well

Tomorrow’s a very important day, as we all well know: It’s All Souls’ Day!

Of course, it’s also Election Day and I hope you will all go out to vote. Now, I don’t want just anyone to vote: there are too many uninformed people who don’t have a clue about the issues who will cast their vote on a whim to want them in the polling places. In fact, I’m one of those people who don’t think high voter turnouts are a good thing in themselves. I only think it’s good when all those people are educated and informed voters. (Actually, I’m spending some time today to get fully informed about my local races in order to cast a good ballot.)

But I don’t think any of my readers fit the mold of the uninformed voters, so I want you to vote. Not just those of you in states where your vote could swing the presidential election either, but even those of you in Massachusetts where we know Kerry will likely win. That’s because we have other concerns as well. The homosexual activists have come out in force (pun intended) to defeat politicians who oppose the creation of gay marriage and want to give voters the chance to decide how society will be ordered and they want to protect those pro-gay politicians they’ve got safely ensconced on Beacon Hill.

So for those of you on the South Shore in Marian Walsh’s district, vote for Bob Joyce for state Senate. If you live out near Worcester, vote for David Schnaider. And you Somerville people, make sure you elect Victor Ciampa over Carl Sciortino, a gay activist who disrupted Mass at the cathedral in Boston last year to protest the Church’s teachings.

I also want to add an excerpt from an email I received today from a reader who lives in New Hampshire:

  • “Bush/Cheney signs have the distressing habit of disappearing.”

    My parents’ Bush/Cheney sign has been stolen out of their yard more than once. My dad finally went down to campaign headquarters and got a sturdy one, which he nailed to a tree branch in his yard. And that’s in VA, not MA, which actually surprised me. They’re a bit more conservative down my parents’ way.

  • Evidently, Bush/Cheney signs were designed to disappear in the middle of the night.  At least that’s the way it looks to me.  Up for a day and gone the next!  Two of mine have disappeared the day after I put them up….and I’m in Missouri.

    The Kerry signs always seem to stay in one place – Strange?

  • Hey you guys in Mass. at least make it closer than anyone could have predicted…I’d like to see Kerry do poorly in Mass…..fingers crossed!

  • Dom, I’m glad I’m not the only one who isn’t “politically correct.”  I’m a big fan of the punch card, or butterfly ballot.  If you’re too dumb to punch holes in a card then your vote shouldn’t count.

    Another thing that really gets my goat is the need for ballots in languages other than English.  When your ancestors and mine came here from their respective countries, they didn’t have the luxury of ballots in Italian or Gaelic.  They had to learn English, just like every other American.  I don’t think that’s too high a price to pay to live in the greatest country on earth.

  • Yes indeed, Vote
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    I really like Cardinal George. 

    But on the issue of Fr. Pfleger, he has to decide whether or not to endanger both of their souls by leaving this heretic in as pastor of St. Sabina’s or act in a pastoral way for the people of St. Sabina’s and get rid of this Catholic imposter.  Pfleger is more than a heretic.  He’s a rabble rousing, self-promoting opportunist in the same cloth as the (Revs) Jackson and Sharpton.  Anyone, let alone a priest, who makes himslef indispensible, has already committed the sin of pride.  If the parishioners of St. Sabina’s get angry at the Cardinal, they are adults.  Give them a choice.  Get rid of Pfleger, once and for all.  How about a little tough love, your Eminence, instead of your intellectually nice columns in the Chicago New World.  You will gain respect by not mincing words every week.

  • For those of you not from the Chicago area, Fr. Pfleger became well know a few years ago as the pastor of a black parish when his parish grade school’s basketball team was excluded from a mostly (all?) white Catholic grade school league.  He vocally took a stand against racism among Catholics and he deserves a lot of credit for that.

    But he has used that recongnition to become the kind of person described above.  Like Jesse Jackson, the local media fawn over Fr. Pfleger.  It’s usually pretty sad when he’s on TV.

  • Well the forum on V-2 seems to be in full swing and no minds are being changed.

    There are two sides to the issue.  One of them says that V-2 was needed and a blessing for the Church.  This side says that everything wrong with the Church today is due to the tenor of the times and the misinterpretation of V-2.

    The other side will state that V-2 opened up a “padora’s box” of dissent and liturgical aborations.  This view believes that V-2 permitted the modernists, who were driven underground by St. Pope Pius X to rear their ugly heretical heads to wreck havoc on the Church.

    The above account of Fr. Pflger and the lack of response by Cardinal George, seems to me, an example of the problems of the post consiliar Church.

    Can anyone imagine……if they are that old to remember, a situation like this occuring 45 years ago?  A priest allowing this and a Prince of the Church doing nothing about it.