O’Malley says Law appointment not helpful

O’Malley says Law appointment not helpful

Archbishop Sean O’Malley told John Allen at NCR that the appointment of Cardinal Law to archpriest of St. Mary Major in Rome was not helpful to him, especially as it came right after parish closing announcements. He said it couldn’t have come at a worse time, and that people really understood what it was all about. Apparently, nobody At the Vatican consulted with their American counterparts to see whether it was a prudent move. An interesting insight into how things are done at the Vatican.

He also dismisses rumors about why he wasn’t made a cardinal at the last consistory, pointing out that he doesn’t really want the work. And he said he hears from the Vatican that they’re going to be commissioning American canon lawyers to help clear the logjam of processes of laicization and appeals. Didn’t someone say that there’s a shortage of canon lawyers in the US already?

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Domenico Bettinelli