What passes for journalism from Iraq

What passes for journalism from Iraq

St. Blog’s own Eric Johnson is getting lots of notice for this article about how the Washington Post‘s news coverage from Iraq is faulty. He says they rely on stringers and inadequate reporting to provide articles that affect how American and official Washington view what’s happening in Iraq. He even gives a notable example from his own experience serving in Iraq as a civil affairs Marine.

Chandrasekaran’s crew generates a relentlessly negative stream of articles from Iraq hey weren’t too fragile to sue, to go through depositions, and potentially to go to trial?

I’m not saying the victims are lying, but I’m a little weary of complaints from these victims’ groups that the Church isn’t doing this or that and they’re the same people who won’t lift a finger to help change things.

Meanwhile, another article yesterday speculated on O’Malley’s chances of being named a cardinal.