O’Malley does the right thing about Catholic Charities

O’Malley does the right thing about Catholic Charities

Archbishop Sean O’Malley once again does the right thing. He has announced he will not be attending a Catholic Charities fundraising dinner that honors Boston Mayor Tom Menino. Menino is a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage Catholic. After a number of Boston-based blogs started the ball rolling, some local groups picked up and ran with it and got this issue the attention it deserves.

Now if only we can get him to do something about Catholic Charities’ other problems when it comes to being an authentic witness to the Gospel.

  • I guess I don’t understand why Mayor Menino is even being honored by this ‘Catholic’ organization.

    I hope the protest goes forward…

  • It would behoove us to thank the Archbishop of Boston for taking such a principled stand.  You KNOW that in this town, political payback is around the corner; Abp. Sean needs to know that we, his people, support him.

    So send him a letter or an email—and especially, offer some prayers for him today, tomorrow and in the future.

  • Doesn’t the Archbishop have some say in who the charitable arm of the archdiocese honors?  If this were Boston College honoring Menino, wouldn’t Abp O’Malley be obligated to tell them they shouldn’t?  If that is true, shouldn’t he do the same thing with the boston catholic charities?

  • Yes, the archbishop has not just some say, but final say, if he so chooses.  Boston College is probably not the best example. He actually has more immediate authority over Catholic Charities than Boston College.

    After all, how long did it take for Boston College to stop employing a witch as a professor? And it still has a building named after a pro-abortion Catholic politician. And on and on.

  • Hello Fr. Clark:

    I am all for praying for our bishops, but should we really thank them when they do their job?  Abp O’Malley is only doing what any authentic successor to the apostles would do in a clear cut case like this one.  Our expectations of our bishops in America has fallen so far that we are now encouraged to write thank you notes to those bishops who are actually Catholic.  While I’m glad he refused to attend the dinner, it actually was the very least he could do. A formal reprimand and termination of Catholic Charities leadership is called for.  Just because he won’t have dinner with a man who supports the wholesale murder of children is hardly a profile in courage.