Oh look, WMD!

Oh look, WMD!

Apparently there were WMD in Iraq all this time. Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Penn., held a press conference about a just-declassified portion of a larger report.

Reading from a declassified portion of a report by the National Ground Intelligence Center, a Defense Department intelligence unit, Santorum said: “Since 2003, coalition forces have recovered approximately 500 weapons munitions which contain degraded mustard or sarin nerve agent. Despite many efforts to locate and destroy Iraq’s pre-Gulf War chemical munitions, filled and unfilled pre-Gulf War chemical munitions are assessed to still exist.”

Okay, wait does this make it a just war now? It shows the difficulty of assessing an ongoing war when you don’t have all the facts before you.

Here’s a link to the report (PDF). Here’s a link to Instapundit’s roundup of discussion of the report.

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