Obama the Christian

Obama the Christian

When former GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee appeared in a Christmas commercial (Christmas!) in which a bookcase behind appeared framed to form sort-of a cross—intentional or not—the liberals exploded in indignation over the mixture of church and state and the attempt to institute a theocracy.

Yet when Barak Obama’s campaign distributes fliers showing him standing in a church pulpit, a light cross shining behind him, we hear nary a peep. Double standard, wot?

Note as well that they have changed the biblical list of virtues from faith, hope, and love to “Faith. Hope. Change.” The greatest of the Christian virtues is love. We see what liberal Democrats value.

Also note, as Diogenes points out, that Obama is standing in the pulpit, not the pew. He comes to the church, not as a supplicant, but as one in charge, telling the church was is and is not true. He is the politician as preacher, not a seeker of truth.

Very educational, that flier.


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  • We really have to pray that Obama is not elected!  God willing the folks who vote will wake up by November and pick an adult to be the Commander-in-Chief!  God bless!  Padre Steve, SDB