Not understanding the Sunday obligation

Not understanding the Sunday obligation

This is what decades of poor Catholic religious education will get you. The protesters at St. Jeremiah church in Framingham, Mass., are holding Communion services and claiming that they fulfill the Sunday obligation, even though their bishop says it does not.

  A speaker at the event—who did not want to be named—told parishioners the Communion service fulfilled the obligation for a Sunday Mass. He said baptized Catholics have the right to express their faith. “Everyone who has been baptized is a priest,” he said. “The priesthood of the laiety is real.”

Uh no, we’re not all priests. Yes, we share the baptismal priesthood in Jesus Christ, who is Prophet, Priest, and King, but we do not share in the ministerial priesthood of the ordained. If what he said was true, then we wouldn’t need to even go to church on Sunday, we’d just do all the consecrating at home for ourselves.