Not a Catholic parish, thankfully

Not a Catholic parish, thankfully

I’ve received some emails about a St. Ambrose church in New York’s Harlem celebrating Fidel Castro’s 80th birthday today. Some were appalled that a Catholic parish and a Catholic priest would so warmly recall the brutal tyrant Castro, who even now is probably pushing up daisies somewhere in Havana,. Here are some words attributed to the organizers of the event:

Father Luis Barrios, one of the event coordinators said that “to mark Fidel Castro’s 80th birthday a cake with 80 candles, and more, to make it known that what is loved never dies” is being prepared, reported the New York-based El Diario La Prensa daily.

...  “The Cuban worms [in Miami] and the US government hope for a transition when Fidel dies,” said Alba, who added with a smile, they are way behind, because that process began in 1959.”

As is typical with Communists they also engage in some historical revisionism:

Previous to singing Happy Birthday to Fidel, a documentary on the Cuban Five five Cubans that have been unjustly held in US jails since 1998 will be shown. “Since [the triumph of the Revolution] in 1959, Cuba has not invaded a single nation,” how many countries has the US invaded since then?” asks Alba.

I think Angola, Grenada, and some others might tend to disagree.

In any case, those appalled that Catholics would so warmly embrace Castro and his brutality can rest easy. St. Ambrose Church in Harlem is apparently Episcopalian, not Catholic. They’re someone else’s problem.

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