No separation when it’s inconvenient

No separation when it’s inconvenient

Remember the separation of church and state? That’s the legal principle that says Christians are not allowed to try to have their values influence society. Of course, what it evidently doesn’t apply to is politicians telling the Church what she ought to do. Splashed on the front page of today’s Boston Herald was the following headline: “Menino on church closings: not so fast.” You have to be a paid subscriber to read the article, so let me summarize.

Mayor Tom Menino says that closing a large number of Boston parishes at once will cause social trauma and so he wants the archdiocese to work out a timetable with the city. Is Menino concerned with the spiritual effects on parishioners? No. He’s concerned that social services will have to be taken up by the city, just like the story yesterday where he was concerned about a large influx of parochial school kids into city schools.

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