No room for NAACP at CUA

No room for NAACP at CUA

Catholic University of America has told the NAACP it can’t form a campus chapter. Predictably, the National Association for the Advancement of (Liberal) Colored People has cried racism.

CUA says that it already has two campus student organizations that represent black students: the Black Organization of Students at CUA and Minority Voices, an umbrella group of minority organizations. The university says that the student who wanted to form the NAACP chapter never demonstrated that it would fill a need that isn’t already being met. The school also said the NAACP’s support for the pro-abortion “March for Women’s Lives” was a problem too.

The NAACP says that the need is for a civil rights organization. What they really mean is that there isn’t a liberal organization to push the political and social agenda of the Socialists behind the NAACP.

To counter the arguments, the NAACP points out that it has chapters at Georgetown, Fordham, St. John’s, and Trinity College. If they’re trying to convince me that they’re compatible with Catholic teaching, they’re not succeeding.

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  • This isn’t hard to figure out. 
    What they really mean is that they think they’re the only Aftrican-American minority group worth sanctioning.  Otherwise, they’d figure the turf was covered and spend their money to intrude somewhere else instead.