No “habemus papem”

No “habemus papem”

Black smoke from the Sistine Chapel’s chimney, No pope today. Not a surprise.

  • Dear Dom,

      I believe it is papam not papem. Papa is a first declension masculine noun

  • The pope will come out tomorrow,
    He will grace that balcony tomorrow,
    Come what may!
    Tomorrow, tomorrow, we’ll see him tomorrow,
    He’s only a vote away!

  • Ciao from the Bettinelli’s in Roma.  It was an amazing day yesterday.  Peter and I (John) went to the opening Mass of the Conclave.  We had great seats right along the aisle.  We got there at 8:30am for the 10am Mass.  Peter was an amazing trooper.  He was attentive and participated throughout the whole Mass, Latin and all.  We both started getting pretty good at our Latin by the end of the Mass.  After a quick trip back to our Religious House we got back to the square around 2:30pm to pray and wait.  Boy did we wait.  It was until it was almost all dark.  It was a little after 8pm.  The crowd began to yell, the smoke, the smoke.  All eyes became fixed on the little stack and the screens all around the square.  Some began to yell, bianco, bianco, white, white.  The crowd surged forward, cheers went up.  People started yelling via la Papa and after about 2 minutes of cheers and tears it happened.  The smoke became lightly black and then thickly black.  Negro, black, black and the sighs were the deflated feelings around the square could almost be seen.  Some continued to pray while others slowly headed home to wait for another day.  We are at the airport and will have to watch it hopefully from TV when we return.  Peace from Roma – The Bettinelli’s

  • I would say the I hate to say that I was right, but that would be sinning twice!

    Happy Day!!!