New bishops

New bishops

The Vatican announced this morning that Bishop Jose Gomez, presently the auxiliary bishop in Denver, will become the archbishop of San Antonio. Bishop Gomez is an Opus Dei priest and he was once asked at a meeting of priests what he would do if he learned that one of his priests had abused a hypothetical nephew. The bishop said he’d kill the priest. Direct, to the point, leaving no doubt. Sounds good.

Also, Bishop Robert Carlson of Sioux Falls, S. Dakota, will be heading to Saginaw, Michigan. Bishop Carlson is the one who privately told former Sen. Tom Daschle to stop promoting himself as a Catholic in his political materials. When the communication become public, Bishop Carlson demurred, which is a little disappointing, but at least he was taking some private action.

Finally, Bishop Jerome Listecki, auxiliary in Chicago, was appointed to fill the vacancy in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. I don’t know anything about Bishop Listecki, but will post it if I hear anything.

Update: I forgot to mention that Houston-Galveston has been upgraded from a diocese to an archdiocese, and that its province will include the diocese of Austin (that’s for Melanie whose parents live there). And I’ve had someone tell me that Bishop Listecki is known as a good guy and will likely make a good diocesan ordinary.

Update 2: The dioceses that used to be in the province under San Antonio but are now under Houston are Austin, Beaumont, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Tyler and Victoria.