Never forget. Everything has changed.

Never forget. Everything has changed.

We pledged on that day we would never forget. We can’t, we shouldn’t forget. Remember the pain you felt and the loss you imagined for those who lost others. Why should we remember the pain and loss of 9/11 even as I said earlier today that victims of sex abuse shouldn’t construct memorials to their own pain and suffering?

Because the abuse victims continue to live. Their lives go on despite their suffering, but what quality will it have for them if they don’t let go. They shouldn’t forget their own suffering, but they should move on.

But we can’t and shouldn’t forget 9/11 because the task of ensuring that it doesn’t happen again hasn’t ended. The murderers of that day died in the commission of their cimes, but their bosses, their instigators continue on. Their twisted sick ideology continues on. And so we hold onto the pain as a motivator.

After Pearl Harbor, America held onto the pain of the attack as a reminder during the hard days of World War II that the sacrifices we endured we required to bring about justice. And so we hold on to the images of 9/11 are a reminder of the sacrifices we endure during the War on Terror.