Neither “Catholic” nor “Charity”

Neither “Catholic” nor “Charity”

Way back in May 2002, I warned that Catholic Charities was actively soliciting homosexual couples to adopt children. With the advent of gay marriage in Massachusetts, it seems we need a reminder. The conservative newspaper Massachusetts News, reports that Catholic Charities offices in the various Massachusetts dioceses are still giving children to homosexual and lesbian couples. Complaints to chanceries receive the reply that “Catholic Charities is an independent organization.” They get funding from dioceses, use the name “Catholic” in their title, and solicit funds from Catholics under the guise that they are a Catholic agency. By my book, and canon law, that makes them subject to the local bishop.

When even Catholic charity has been co-opted by a heterodox, and dare I say even diabolical, ideology, then you know we’re in trouble and drastic measures are needed. Divine Physician, give us your healing!

  • You are in trouble in Massachusetts.  Sodomy has become family fare there, and mothers and fathers are no longer needed for children.  This is, of course, an immense selfishness which will greatly harm thousands of innocent children.  The Catholic Church in Massachusetts – a feeble voice, heavily compromised by its own homosexualization.  Today, a large group of Christians announced plans to move to South Carolina – in the hopes of producing, over time, a Christian state.  Mass. is rapidly becoming the Sodomy State.

  • You know, the Vatican’s own document, signed by the Pope – states that homosexual adoptions (denying a child a father AND mother on purpose) does ‘violence’ to the child.  As with the mealy reaction to millions of abortions and their supporters, the homosexual molestation scandal – and now adoptions of children by practicing sodomites – IT IS ROUTINELY, IN THIS CHURCH, THE WELFARE OF CHILDREN WHICH COMES LAST.  What kind of Church do we have?  When we cannot stand up for children vigorously, unabashedly and unafraid, what have we become?

  • Just like a blighted tree, our Church needs some sick branches pruned off, and one of those is Catholic Charities.  Nowhere has Judas’s program of “helping” the poor combined with betraying our Lord reached such fruition.

  • Hello Dom,

    Suddenly I am feeling considerably less sympathetic to CC’s loss of that court case back in March forcing them to pay for contraceptives for CC employees.

    The CA Supreme Court concluded that “Catholic Charities is not entitled to the exemption because it serves a secular purpose, has no direct involvement in church activity, employs a majority of non-Catholics and is considered a non-profit public corporation under federal tax laws.”  I am beginning to think they may have had a point after all.

    If I were O’Malley, I would communicate quietly to CC that its adoption policies must be rectified to reflect Church teaching or else I would sadly have to reconsider another use for the funds currently sent by the diocese to CC.

  • Sadly, the rot has infected the trunk of the tree as well.  Everywhere in this Church you can feel the fear – to stand up for Christ unabashedly, to denounce immorality, to defend children, and most of all, to be politically incorrect.  Jesus Christ was the most politically incorrect man who ever lived.  He was not afraid. 

  • The Shadow of Howard Brown sorta creeps back into memory, doesn’t it? (Not that I’ve ever forgotten it.)

    Folks I know (including me) have made it clear that any portion of any donation to either Promise for Tomorrow or the Annual Appeal may not be diverted to “Catholic” Charities.

    Why the Archdiocese hasn’t severed ties with “Catholic” charities ages ago is beyond me.

  • Three things.
    1.When the scandal was at its peak wasn’t it VOTF that advised sending money directly to CC instead of the Archdiocese? Bedfellows!
    2. Sinner – shame on you.  Giving us that tantulus about south carolina without an explanation or at least a link.
    3. Catholic charities is a secularist fraud perpetrated on dumb catholics.

  • Three things.
    1.When the scandal was at its peak wasn’t it VOTF that advised sending money directly to CC instead of the Archdiocese? Bedfellows!
    2. Sinner – shame on you.  Giving us that tantulus about south carolina without an explanation or at least a link.
    3. Catholic charities is a secularist fraud perpetrated on dumb catholics.

  • I saw that article about a plan for thousands of Christians to move to South Carolina on this morning.  (Just like the movement of libertarians to New Hampshire.)  Happy reading!

  • Hello R & B,

    Here’s the link: Christian Exodus.

    Hello Sinner,

    Charity demands they be given an honourable chance to change their ways.

    If they refuse, then the news becomes public. 

  • Here’s what’s likely to happen in the Sodomy State:

    1) kids will be taught in some public schools about how to engage in sodomitic acts (oh, wait, they’re already so taught);
    2) kids in some public high schools and Catholic universities will be invited to watch the ‘Vagina Monologues’ – where the lesbian molestation of a 16-yr. old is approvingly glorified (oh, wait, they already do that);
    3) public school kids will be taught how to ‘fist’ – to insert their hands up the rectums of others (oh, wait, they’ve already done that);
    4) kids will be taught that there is nothing special about having a mother and a father (oh, wait, they already do that);
    5) kids will be routinely given to adoption by practicing sodomites (oh, wait, they already do that);
    6) the Catholic Church there will persist in ordaining lots of active homosexuals (oh, wait, it already does that);
    7) the Catholic Church will give communion to those who publicly support abortion and now sodomy (oh, wait, it already does that);
    8) your Catholic sons will be invited to overnight retreats attended by sodomite priests (oh, wait, that’s already done);
    9) you will lose your right to even have a say about the radical redefinition of marriage (oh, wait, that’s already happened);
    10) you will be scorned and persecuted for standing up for Christian sexual morality, having sexually normal role models for your sons and for not agreeing that anal intercourse is good, healthy, normal and the same as the act which creates new human life (oh, wait, that’s already happening);
    11) the United Way will defund Boy Scouts for not allowing active homosexuals to take other peoples’ children camping on overnight trips (oh, wait, that’s already happened);
    12) your children will hear lots and lots of jokes about Catholic priests buggering other priests and children (oh, wait, that’s already happening);
    13) parents will be afraid to have a priest spend time with their sons (oh, wait, that’s already happened);
    14) the Catholic Church will become mute about the sinfulness of homosexual acts (oh, wait, that’s already happened);
    15) you will be considered a fundamentalist wacko religious nut for believing that children deserve a mother and a father (oh, wait, that’s already happening).

    Folks – fight now or wait for the coming attractions… (This is just a preview…)

  • Hello Richard,

    It seems to me that the welfare of children is paramount (as an act of charity) – which means that an immediate stop should be put to this, prior to any debate about what exactly is going to happen.  Does not O’Malley have this power? 



  • Future astonished questions from the kids of America –

    Kids need a father AND a mother?  No way!

    Kids should have married parents?  That’s old…

    Why not try out anal sodomy?  Everyone else does it…

    Priests don’t bingbang each other?  I thought they’d always done that…

    Sex is about more than stimulating the sexual organs?  Whatever do you mean?

    Marriage is for life?  Get out…

    You mean people didn’t always have XXX hard,hardcore pornography on their computers?  That must have been the Stone Age…

    Adults shouldn’t have sex with kids?  Why not?

  • Questions of a child with two ‘fathers’ –

    1) So, which of you is my real dad?
    2) And who is this other guy, really?
    3) Who is my mother?  Why am I not allowed to know her?
    4) Why will I never be allowed to know my mother’s love?
    5) Who will teach me what it is to be a wife and mother?
    6) So, dads, exactly what do you do in the bedroom?
    7) Do you really engage in anal intercourse with each other?  The kids at school say that’s disgusting.  That’s not disgusting is it?
    8)  I’d like to try out the same things with some boys at school.  Would that be OK?
    9) This magazine says breat feeding is important for the health of a baby.  I guess I never got that.
    10) Why does Mother’s Day make me so sad?

  • Exploring another aspect, if there are still naive souls that balk at Mark Shea’s apt designation “gay Brown Shirts,” they should listen to the Pawlicks describe the fascist techniques used by “blockers” to intimidate signers of a petition drive in defense of traditional marriage.

  • Dumb dumb you, in Massachusetts.  You thought you had some say in the definition of marriage in your state.  (Nope.)  And then you thought you had some say about whether your kids are taught about anal sodomy in school.  (Nope, wrong again.)  And then you thought that, well, I’ll raise my kids close to the Church – they won’t be exposed to sodomy there.  (Nope, three times wrong.)  And then you thought that you were free to state your religious belief about sodomy in the workplace.  (Nope, wrong once more.)  Massachusetts, like Canada, is no longer free.  Both are ruled by tyrranical sodomy and abortion lovers.  You have no rights.  Fight to get them back, or become pitiful quisling lackeys.

  • In Chicago, Catholic Charities has been under the finger of the Cardinal for decades.  I knew the agency extremely well back in somewhat saner days.  I don’t contribute to their appeals knowing how much dead wood lies around having paychecks dropped on it.

    Sinner, you are a one-man show tonight!

  • Hey John Hetman – Got a little carried away…  (And I can do handstands too!)  But you know – our society becomes increasingly depraved and perverse and unloving – and worse and worse for the begetting and raising of our children – and we all just sorta sit back and accept it.  Christians of all stripes should fight against this – and hard.  And Catholics – it seems the vast majority are just going through the motions (and they don’t even know what the motions are for anymore).  One of the saddest things for me in my life – I don’t really like the society my kids are growing up in – and I don’t really like the church (not the Church Church, but the American perversion of it) they are growing up in either.  There’s a dearth of true Christian love in both of them.  America is a great nation – rich, powerful, free (in one sense) – but with a depraved and sick and ugly society.  The Catholic Church is Christ’s Church – but it’s infected with all sort of evil and perversity and actual hostility to things Godly.  How sad… 

  • John: When the right to life movement was fighting the Ms-begotten Equal Rights Amendment because it would lock abortion into the Constitution, Catholic Charities endorsed it. I have boycotted its collections for decades and shall continue to do so.