My Must-Have iPhone Apps for New iPhone Owners

My Must-Have iPhone Apps for New iPhone Owners

For my Catholic, Verizon-using friends who are just getting iPhones and wondering which apps to get, I have my list of must-have apps.

This list is by-no-means comprehensive. In fact, in the 3 years I’ve had, first, an iPod touch and then iPhones, iTunes tells me I’ve download about 200 300 apps, both free and paid. (Mostly free, I hope.) But these are many of the apps on my iPhone today. (Again, not all of them.)

The other point of note is that some of these apps are related to how *I* work and  may or may not relate to how you work. Some of them also sync with applications on my Mac and/or interface with cloud-based web services.

All those disclaimers aside, here is my list of must-have iPhone apps with little, if any added commentary.

* Google Voice
* Calvetica (awesome and beautiful iCal replacement)
* Accuweather (best of the weather apps I’ve tried)
* Shazam (always be able to answer the question: What song is that?)
* Evernote (your second-brain; connects to web service)
* 1Password (awesomest Mac/PC/iOs password storage)
* Facebook
* Yelp
* Twitter (the official app)
* Foursquare
* Dropbox (Should be standard on every computer and smartphone)
* Dragon Dictation
* LogMeIn (expensive app, but great remote desktop access)
* Elements (text editor; stores files on Dropbox)
* Goodreader (move all kinds of files on and off iPhone and around iOs apps)
* Glympse (let people know where you are right now and keep them updated)
* Apple Remote (control iTunes on your Mac; the real AppleTV remote)
* Pandora
* CatholicTV (Daily Mass and more)
* iCatholic (monthly magazine)
* PilotParishFinder (for Boston folks)
* The Boston Pilot (Catholic news)
* Motion X GPS Drive (GPS navigation)
* AP Mobile
* Pro HDR (better high dynamic range photos than iPhone’s built-in HDR)
* AutoStitch (Easiest way to make panoramic photos)
* Photoshop Express (edit your photos)
* Flickr
* Camera + (Apple should buy the app and make it the default camera app)
* Angry Birds (buy it; see you in 6 months)
* Skee Ball (surprisingly fun arcade action)
* Flight Control (touch-based game)
* Game Center (Apple’s gaming social network)
* Words with Friends (Scrabble online)
* Kindle (you *can* read books on the iPhone)
* iBooks (prettier than Kindle, not as many books)
* iMDb (when you have to know who that actor is)
* (when you’re at Target and need to know if Amazon has it cheaper; the answer is always Yes)
* BofA (if you’re a Bank of America customer; very handy)
* Fandango (movie times and tickets)
* Banner (for sending messages to friends across the bar)
* Deliveries by JuneCloud (track your packages; works with Mac Dashboard widget)
* Kayak (get great deals on flights)
* Flightview (when is your Uncle Sal’s flight coming in?)
* Tripit (keep track of your and your friends’ trips)
* NetFlix (for watching streaming movies)
* QueueUp (a better interface for adding Netflix movies to your queue than Netflix)
* Skype (video calling with your backwards friends who can’t Facetime with their iPhone 4s)


That’s it. It could have been longer. It probably should have been shorter. And if you asked me to make the list next week, it would be different. But this list should help any new iPhone user get started. Have fun!

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