My Pocket Go-Bag

My Pocket Go-Bag

[lead dropcap="yes"]A couple of years ago, I did a post about what I carried in my pockets on a day-to-day basis and mentioned that I no longer carry a bulky wallet, but instead have downsized to a minimalist wallet. However, I was still carrying pockets full of other stuff that would weigh me down and make my pockets all saggy and baggy.[/lead]

That's when I decided to go with a pocket go-bag. A regular go-bag is a bag you have packed somewhere in your house or your car that contains emergency essentials that you would need if you had to "go" on a moment's notice.1 A pocket version, however, is not so much for emergencies, but contains what you may not always need with you, but would all go together: If you need one, you should probably have them all.

It's a bit of something in the middle between a regular wallet and a larger day bag or messenger bag or backpack.

So for my pocket go-bag, I needed a handful of items that I would need when going out for the day or longer, but not if I'm puttering around or running an errand. Here's what's in mine.

The Organizer

To hold everything, I picked up the Rite in the Rain All Weather Pocket Organizer, which has several pockets, including a mesh one on the outside and MOLLE-compatible horizontal and vertical loops on the outside. The bag is compact enough to fit in my back pocket, even when full, and is originally designed as a cover for a pocket notebook. But I use mine to carry much more.

Outside Pocket

In the outside mesh pocket for easy access, I carry not one, but two Anker 1-foot lightning cables to charge my iPhone. The Anker cables are sturdy and short. There's also a lightning-to-headphone adapter, which I almost never use since I have AirPods, but it's there just in case. I also have an inexpensive disposable lighter for emergencies and a small eyeglass screwdriver. There's also a few business cards and personal calling cards.

Inside Pocket

In the inside mesh pocket, I have an eyeglass cleaning cloth and a True Utility FIXR Multi-Tool, which is a little bit gimmicky (it claims to be 20 tools, but there's maybe half that many useful functions). It's compact and light. I also keep my amazing, handmade, and ultra-sturdy Japanese chainmail rosary from Iron Lace Design in there. The rosaries are made by a talented Catholic mom in Toronto who also creates some amazing jewelry. Seriously, the chainmail is strong enough, it could probably be used to lift a child in a pinch. And finally, I have a Tile Mate so that if I ever misplace my bag, I can track it down.


And finally in the sleeve that's designed for a notepad, I keep the Anker PowerCore Slim 5000 Portable Charger just in case I need to recharge my iPhone on the go. It fits perfectly in the sleeve as if it were designed for it. And its flat profile means the bag is not bulky.

And that's it. Along with my wallet and iPhone and handkerchief and key chain and the Leatherman Wave on my belt, that's my daily carry in 2019.

  1. The term comes from soldiers who are on call, I believe.