Moviegoers and Hollywood see something

Moviegoers and Hollywood see something

The Passion makes $117 million in its first half-week, faster than any other movie outside the big holiday release dates, and almost at the same pace as Return of the King and Star Wars

Meanwhile, the aforementioned ROTK, based on a truly Catholic novel, sweeps the Oscars with 11 little gold statues, in addition to making the three movies of the trilogy the biggest filmed single-story ever.

Is something new coming from Hollywood? Will the lame-brains who produce the dozens of movies that are a waste of film ever year suddenly realize what they’ve been missing or will they keep shoveling the same stuff down our throats? I’m not going to put any money on it, but I will hope that maybe some small change or little shift has happened.

  • Dom, I doubt it.  ROTK was lauded because it won 11 Oscars, the only other two being Ben Hur and Titanic. Really? Titanic? It was REALLY that great?

  • Of course, if you look at all the major news sites.  cnn, msn, foxnews, you will notice nothing in the entertainment headlines about the awesome numbers put up by “The Passion of Christ”.

    No surprise here.