More on the European jihad riots

More on the European jihad riots

I’m finding support for my assessment that the riots in France have their roots in the country’s stultifying socialist economic policies, the government’s hostile treatment of religions, and radical Islam’s growing influence in Europe.

Joel Kotkin writes in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal that France’s economic system is contributing to the crisis. I said the other day that massive government-mandated employee benefits are deterring creation of new jobs and Kotkin agrees: “In a country where short workweeks and early retirement are sacred, there is little emphasis on creating new jobs and even less on grass-roots entrepreneurial activity.” To make it worse, the huge welfare-state benefits for the unemployed and retired add to the huge tax burden for those who actually do have jobs, encouraging better-educated Frenchmen and other Europeans to seek better opportunities in countries like Ireland, the UK, and the US.