More Eucharist for sale on eBay?

More Eucharist for sale on eBay?

The battle was won, but the war isn’t over perhaps. Someone in Britain is apparently selling another consecrated Host on eBay. The seller has not photograph, but claims that his “devout Catholic” mother saved it from a 1996 papal Mass. Hmmm. Can you say fraud?

Regardless, eBay needs to take steps to prevent this sort of thing from happening, fraudulent or not. Continue the pressure:

1. Sign the online petition.
2. Send them your complaint via their web site.
3. Call their office either at 1-800-322-9266 or 1-888-749-3229
4. Write eBay’s president:

Office of the President
Meg Whitman
2145 Hamilton Ave
San Jose, CA 95125

Demand that they place the Eucharist (and saint’s relics, too) on the list of banned items. Whatever they say about not wanting to get involved in religious disputes, if enough publicity and pressure is put on them, they will back down.

Update: Interestingly, links to two auctions of the Eucharist on eBay that were sent to me come up as invalid links. Either the links were bad to begin with, eBay took the auctions down, or the sellers took the auctions down. However, at this writing there is still a (purported) Eucharist being auctioned at the link above.