More bad news for Boston

More bad news for Boston

After the black eye of the female chancery employee who came out as having secretly simulated ordination to the priesthood, Boston is getting another blow this coming week. It seems that two priests will be announcing that they are leaving the priesthood because of relationships they have cultivated with women. (How bad are things when you’re relieved it’s a woman?)

They’re both known as orthodox priests and one was supposed to be the orthodox answer for a parish that has recently suffered through the pastorship of a heterodox priest. The other had been a moral guide for many of his brother priests. Both of these situations will be a blow to morale for all of us, lay and ordained alike.

What can we do but pray that the Lord heal us? The cancer has gone through the muscle and has now entered the bone. Thankfully, Christ is the Physician who can heal all wounds and so we look to Him for healing.

Renewal doesn’t happen all at once. Even after the turnaround has begun, we can still suffer pains and setbacks. Yet there are signs of good things happening in Boston and we can hope that these disappointments will become fewer and further between. Hope is a virtue after all.

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