Monologues again

Monologues again

If it’s Valentine’s Day season, then it must be time for yet another round of “Which Catholic colleges will host the V-Monologues?” The Cardinal Newman Society is compiling it’s annual naughty-nice list of Catholic colleges giving room for this deeply offensive play that includes—among other things—a depiction of the rape of a child by an adult, or as the pro-VM folks like to characterize it, the introduction of an underage teen to lesbianism by an adult woman. I happened upon a copy of this piece of ... work once and I can tell you that it’s foul stuff. This isn’t about the empowerment of women; it’s about their degradation.

Locally, the CNS is focusing on three Catholic colleges: Boston College, Holy Cross, and Providence Regis. Rather than address the substance of the complaint, BC’s spokesman chooses to attack the messenger:

But BC spokesman Jack Dunn downplayed the significance of the Cardinal Newman group, calling it a “self-appointed watchdog” bent on spreading misinformation. He said the group “uses this play as an opportunity to solicit conservative donors” and “has been admonished by the Catholic Bishops Conference for using misinformation and scare tactics.”

I’ve gotten to know the CNS guys on a professional basis in recent years and let me tell you that they are aboveboard and are doing the work of the angels here.

In loco parentis and red herrings

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