Mmm…. beer ice cream

Mmm…. beer ice cream

My friend Paul pointed me to this recipe for Guinness Ice Cream. I just finished making it and putting it in the freezer and it’s good. I made it as a sort of novelty, just to see how it comes out. I like Guinness as a drink, but wasn’t sure how it would taste as a dessert, especially given how it smelled during the reduction. In the end, however, the combination with vanilla is striking and very good. I’m still trying to figure out what the taste reminds me of.

Guinness is the all-purpose elixir.

Before I bought my ice cream maker, I was worried it would be another gadget that would get used a few times and put away in closet. But since I was able to get it at half-price (only $25), I thought I’d give it a shot. This isn’t something that’s going to go unused. So far I’ve made vanilla, coffee, and Oreo cookie ice creams and they were great. No preservatives or artificial anything. And none of that nasty back-of-your-throat gookiness from some store-bought ice creams. I served it at my niece Chiara’s birthday party and everybody raved about it. Even the kids were telling me it was better than the local dairy farm/ice cream stand. It must be good then!

For most of my ice cream, I use a simple half-and-half/whipping cream combination that I found on Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” TV show and avoid egg recipes altogether. I think it gives a cleaner taste. And it’s much simpler not to have to deal with egg yolks and tempering. I may try to alter the Guinness recipe next time to be more like my usual one.

Homemade ice cream: it’s da bomb.

  • Rosemarie,

    Since the Guinness ice cream is basically vanilla ice cream with the Guinness reduction blended in at the last minute, you are correct. I’m sure the tastes are very similar. It is surprisingly good. I don’t think it would be nearly as good with any other beer.