Mitt Romney tries to save face on abortion flip-flops

Mitt Romney tries to save face on abortion flip-flops

Evidently the pro-life apologists for Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney’s run for president are gearing up in New Hampshire. According to Michael Novak:

A prominent anti-abortion Catholic legislator in New Hampshire on Feb. 17 sent a “confidential invitation for addressee only” to a 3 p.m. meeting with Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney March 17…

The meeting is private and closed to the press, but that he would take questions from “a small group of conservatives.” Okay, maybe this isn’t pro-life apologists, since the sponsor of the event says that this is not an endorsement of Romney. Novak links the event to Romney’s loss of ground with Catholic pro-lifers because he wouldn’t veto a bill requiring Catholic hospitals in Massachusetts hand out abortifacient “emergency contraception.”

He lost ground with us long before that. Romney has tried to be slippery on abortion ever since he ran for governor and that hasn’t escaped people’s notice, as evidenced by his appearance on Fox News Sunday yesterday. It starts with host Chris Wallace presenting him with his own words from his 2002 race for governor.

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