Memo to Steve Buckley: We Don’t Care

Memo to Steve Buckley: We Don’t Care

Thursday’s Boston Herald devoted a full-page in its news section to a self-serving and irrelevant column in which one of its sports writers revealed himself as having homosexual inclination. So what?

I cannot believe the newspaper wasted a full-page on this. It’s just more of the typical narcissistic navel-gazing of the homosexual culture that thinks that anybody besides themselves care whether they’re gay or not. (In fact, before it backtracked on its scientific responsibility, the American Psychiatric Association used to classift homosexual inclination as a narcissistic disorder.) And today, there’s another article highlighting how all the enlightened politically correct types are running to say how wonderful this public revelation is.

Frankly, there was no point to it. If Steve Buckley felt it necessary to tell his family and friends and co-workers about it, that’s his business. But there’s no reason to put it in the newspaper as if it was news. There was no compelling reason that anyone else had to know, except for the standard “we have to make everyone accept homosexuality by trumpeting how normal it is.” If it was so normal, you wouldn’t have to browbeat and brainwash people into thinking it’s normal.

What a sad and pathetic display. I guess it’s part of the culture today where every sordid detail of one’s life gets played out on Twitter and Facebook. I’d rather we all stopped. Melanie and I may blog and write online about our kids and being parents and some tidbits of our day, but there’s no way we’re going to impose our personal and intimate lives on everyone else. But when you’re a celebrity (or a gay sports writer, in this case), I guess you think everyone’s just dying to know. Trust me, we’re not.


Written by
Domenico Bettinelli