Mel Gibson arrested

Mel Gibson arrested

Mel Gibson was arrested for drunk driving yesterday and later issued a statement offering an apology for driving when he shouldn’t have and for acting “out of control” and making statements toward the arresting officers that were “despicable.”

So what does this teach us? It teaches that no man is without sin and that no matter what good deeds he does, he is capable of acting like the broken, fallen man that we all are. Some will use this as an excuse to call him a hypocrite—after all as director of “The Passion of the Christ” he’s supposed to be perfect for the rest of his days, right? Others will use this as a reason to justify their prior criticisms of TPOTC, especially since some unconfirmed reports claim that Gibson’s drunken rants included anti-Semitic slurs.

But in the end, what it teaches me is that God makes straight with crooked paths, that the art can transcend the artist, and that Gibson is a man in need of our prayers.

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